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Darren Hayes Street Team : Asia

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International Darren Hayes Street Team
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We all knew Darren Hayes as the angelic nightingale behind Savage Garden. The one whose words and voice inspired us and touched the hearts of plenty. Right now he is striking it on his own - and we are there to help him!

The Darren Hayes Street Team Asia is a place for all Asian fans of Darren Hayes to get together and discuss ways of promoting his new material. This site aims to find new fans and present Darren's new developments from an Asian perspective. From brainstorms to the latest news, or anything at all - if you're a Darren Hayes fan, this is the place for you!

So just sign up, go through this site and HAVE FUN! We're waiting... ;-)

Last Update : 15/3/2k2 : Insatiable the video is out!

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Darren Hayes Street Team Asia
Group Leader : Tiara, Malaysia, zahira@pl.jaring.my
Co-leaders : Lina, Thailand, dhst_thailand@yahoo.com
Prads, India, darrenfan@msn.com